Maximize transactions, optimize operations

Engage Self-Drive, improve your team's throughput by 10x


ATM cash forecasting and planning

With The Eye's machine learning, forecasts are more local and accurate, re-planning - on a click of a button, learning - autonomous and tracking - priority based. The weight of size and scale just vanished!

Getting the basics right at scale.

Planning at scale everyday requires meticulous discipline. With a pan country scale to contend with, simple human errors cause chain reactions leading to penalties.

Excel driven planning reached its limits? Stuck with improving algorithms, mitigating manual errors, version controlling, and testing?
The Paralysis
Incorrect master data is one of the main contributors to errors in plans. Is your system in sync with reality? Can you easily say what's wrong?
Master Management
Trouble tracking daily plan to execution? When dealing with thousands of locations, do you able to prioritize? You just cant call them all!
Operations Storm
Today's problems are yesterday's errors. Spending hours and days to just collect, roll-up & stitch time based data is a waste of time.
The Root Cause
Getting it right the first time does not always happen! Not able to spend enough time retrospecting and learning from incidents?
Too much of data leading to analysis paralysis? Are you able to step back from daily ops and point out areas of improvement and responsible parties?
The Night Vision
Are you leveraging every member of your team by empowering them with insights to get better? Struggling to scope data to distributed teams?
Common Language
Access to data and insights from the past is a challenge? With change in team members are you leaking context and learning?
The Hard Drive

The Eye - a new member to your team

With ML driven forecasting and AI based execution planning and tracking, increase transactions and revenues by ~10%, eliminate cashouts, save planning time by 95% and improve your teams throughput multifold.

The Eye learns demand patterns from historical data and automatically sets up rules for demand forecasting and planning. With execution, it learns continuously making rules more accurate.
Achieving compliance levels on cashouts & cer is a walk in the park. Maximize vault utilization, optimize for morning routes, smart loading triggers reduce operations cost.
Setting the plan into motion (generating indents and communicating them across), re-planning and tracking execution to plan is automatic or at a click of a button. No more messy excel sheets and manual allocations.
Master Management is just not data entry, its smart!. The Eye will automatically infer and bring to your attention master anomalies. Business loss due to incorrect master is a thing of the past.
Automatic root cause analysis for cashouts, cash dumping using deep analytics saves you hours of excel sheet preparations every day. Start fixing problem rather than spending all your time finding them.
With features like the Cashout Doctor, Dhal Me Kala (ML driven continuous balance audit), Recycler monitoring, early evacuations improve the health of your ATM network and cut cost on manual audits.
Flexible user and role capabilities enables bringing all on board. Use teams, roles and permissions (both horizontal and vertical) to scope data. Maker checker processes to mitigate errors by pair execution.
Increase transparency with 3rd parties by using email views. Send summary, rca and insights to banks, cra and others involved using email views periodically

Get set, go!

1 in 7 ATMs in India are currently replenished using the forecasting and planning capabilities of The Eye. Talk to us to know more.