Happy customers, baskets & business

Building loyalty is no longer a game changer, build addictions


Constructs of the heart

One off eye candy promotions if done repeatedly is money down the drain. Are you reaching out to only the needs of your customers? Their wants is what you should be after!

Even with all your existing efforts, you still see about a fourth of your stable customers walking into competition just to never return!
The 15-25 Rule
You feel that its always the same small crowd that responds. There is much more treasure to mine, however you are lost for where to start!
Poor Connection
You are still decoding which promotion has had what effect? You only want to repeat promotions that have the best connect!
Lady Luck!
With so many products, understanding when to promote is daunting. You do not want customers walking to competition for that one addon.
Tick Tock
Find yourself running from nook to corner at the last minute to get your promotions ready? Oh the pain when you hear your people have forgotten details!
The confusion
You have that one great promotion on a product but are not sure if it actually plays well with your customer's basket. The average basket of a customer is much larger!
Critical Mass
Promotion response is good, but you do not see the desired increase in spending per customer. You start to feel that your promotions have only satisfied the needs.
The emotions
Your marketing and purchase department seem to be on two different planets, and you just cant get them to channel their efforts towards the same goal!
The Baton drop

Its all about sustained growth!

Empower yourself with hypnotic powers and get your customers to start spending consistently more without they realizing it!

Let us plan out the What, Who and When of your yearly promotion calendar maximizing basket scope and customer reach!
Understand your customer spending power. Our unique Unit Lifetime Value (the repeat spend power) classifies customers on their spending pattern.
Let us decode your customers basket for you. We dig deeper and automatically decode your brand hierarchy and put segments of customers on upgrade plans!
We make sure to balance different promotion types for optimal customization & execution (we already have control of replenishment).
One metric to rule them all. We predict and track all changes to the unit lifetime value for every customer, thus setting up outcomes to drive towards.
Execute the promotion event assume monitoring, auto course correct where possible, learn from experience and make changes to future plans.

Get set, go!

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