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Helping local businesses stay afloat and thrive, Connecting end users to the stores near by.

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Serving and being in touch with your customers.

With lockdowns and social distancing the need of the hour, hyper local businesses are best positioned to serve customer demand.

Most of India’s retail; more than 90% of businesses (dealing with FMCG products) are in the unorganised segment. In a land where we enjoy emotional connect with the people we deal with everyday; these family run businesses have spent ages creating a trusted relation with the local community they serve.
Many of these businesses choose to remain small; thus maintaining the close knit relationship between customers and business owners.
In almost all cases, the channel of sales for these businesses are store walkins. Both customers and business owners enjoy the casual chat and shop.
If store walkins are cut off, these businesses will struggle for survival. Waiting and starting off again may just be mission impossible. Given their technology maturity almost all of them will certainly not have an online presence.

Where and what is the channel?

The demand is great, the channel is online and order from home

The Eye's artificial intelligence can understand your assortment and perform a common categorization across businesses. This enables user searches across businesses and reduce onboarding time to a matter of minutes.
You get an online sales channel but without the pain of setting up and managing an e-commerce site. Best suited for hyperlocal usecases where the end user already knows you.
The end user does not get lost online. If every business had its own online site or its own app, the end user will end up visiting none as there are just too many to install/remember.
With simple business verification and integration less data adapters, all the platform needs are basic retail master data which should be easily exportable from any billing software. Setting up does not take more than 5 minutes.
You have the ability to receive orders for home delivery (if you can manage it) or store pickup. Our simple workflows enable the user and the business to manage these requests making for a pleasant tracking experience.
Payments are frozen to be card on delivery or cash on delivery. This enables quick onboarding as businesses can use existing infrastructure to service the new sales channel as well

Get set, go!

The application is currently in beta, but the release is near. Stay tuned to this space for updates.