Minimize inventory, Maximize sales

Make your replenishment officers the smartest and sharpest traders on the block.

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Its all about cash flow!

Running with unhealthly stock levels can cut deep in your organization and affect everyone involved. Its time to health check your inventory today!

A clearance sale is not necessarily an enjoyable shopping experience. Was it easy to get your vendors to agree and share the burden?
Clearance Plague
Find yourself in emotional conflicts with your vendors & employees? Find yourself wanting for data to reinforce decisions?
The Data Void
Are too many variables and the daunting time dimension, making your reorders a function of chance, approximation and the gut?
Grand Approximator
You feel that at times you are at the mercy of a few employees? Silos of information has resulted in a strained work life balance?
Your balance sheet bleeds red due to human driven supply chain inefficiencies? You have failed time and again to bell the operational cat!
Survival Struggle
Your employees see change and policy a restriction of their freedom? But you know that change is the only way forward.
Change Resistor
A ton of products, vendors, excel sheets, human errors to combat! You work day and night but just do not have the time to think what next
Tactical Whirlpool

Problems are opportunities

You have the opportunity to run 5 stores at the cost of 4, leave the competition behind and keep your people and customers enthusiastic!

Forget min-max and other rules! Seasonal, perishables, festivals, supplier service, replenishment modes, private label production etc? We have you all covered!
Find a new co-pilot in the autopilot of The Eye, decide to allow it to pilot confident actions. Let your co-pilot plan your day!
Your business does not end with planning, the system tracks and predicts supply chain defficiencies and works with you to fix what really matters.
Keep your inventory young, if you are a chain business, leverage help from other stores for both buying and selling
The system builds perceptions about all entities associated with your business. Let all your conversations be data driven.
Ask the system for opinions, explore your business by mixing and matching the various dimensions of data based on your immaginations.

Be the hero of your movie!

Get a glimpse of life with The Eye before hopping on, we promise an outcome driven engagement so that you are setup to win!

A one time Data study. A simulation plots man vs machine that setups outcomes and the roadmap for the engagement.
The Eye is deployed, you spend a few weeks consuming recommendations on process refinement for ease of man and machine.
You adopt an iterative process of fix, release, next over your vendors or categories and make 'The Eye' more mainstream day on day.
Couple of reorder cycles and you start seeing business value. Loop this process and before you know it, your business starts driving herself.
You stay on your existing POS/ERP, BAU just got more enjoyable The system creates value for businesses of all sizes given the pain with inventory and manforce.
The product is SaaS based, pricing is predominantly on monthly subscription. This is our way of making sure that you pay for software from outcomes achieved.

Case studies

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