The voice of your business

Self-drive your core retail operations with best in-class machine learning and software autonomy.

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Growing your complex business

always requires more and more dedicated minds, we supplement your workforce and make your employees superstars!

Knowing the What, When and How-Much to reorder has always been one of the greatest riddles - featuring math and experience. Let The Eye take over and empower you with operational excellence.
The Replenisher
The emotion of your business is coded in what you sell and how you sell. The Eye's AI will decode assortment roles and recommend changes. Grab every opportunity to fulfill your customers wants!
The Purchaser
Pampering customers is tricky and can't be undone. Arm yourself with hypnotic powers and build inimitable customer engagement. Marketing done right should be outcome driven and is about sustained growth!
The Marketer
Forget reports, build conversations with The Eye. Data back your decisions and give no room for assumptions and bias. The Eye can soon turn into your best friend that makes thinking in data fun!
The Think Tank

One interface, multiple personas

These personas are the voice of your business!

Our Clients love us!

The Eye relentlessly analyses each and every article and demand plans with great accuracy. I've cut my inventory by ~20% even with my business growing, reduced wastages while also increase sales and cut down human time on analysis and errors. Artificial intelligence provided by 'The Eye' has become paramount to my business and I am enjoying it a lot!
Vinodh Jain
Co-founder, Daily Needs, Pondicherry
In just a month of deployment, The Eye has brought down the stockout conditions in our chain. The Eye’s capability to identify articles purchase/repack has immensely helped my buyers to save a lot of time and works on what really matters - quality. Working with AI truly yields the right benefits and more importantly remains with us.
Founder, Raja Shopinn, Chennai
The Eye has learnt with time and drives two core aspects of my business, its made uber easy, the replenishment of my stores, production planning my private labelled products and ordering to my suppliers. It predicts and auto handles lead time, new articles, seasonality etc with ease. Managers at my stores now only focus on one thing, customer service!
Tushar Bansal
Founder, Bansal Super Store, Lucknow